Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Salam and hello again everybody,

The new year has just started. The curtains for 2009 has just fallen. Last year at this time, I put up my wishes for 2009. They were:

1. Be able to speak clearly.

2. Be able to enjoy food like before.

3. Be able to go for haj next year.

4. Be cancer free.

Up to now, I'd say two and a half of my wishes were granted. For the first wish, I've been told quite often that I sound a lot clearer than I did last year. I realise too, that I don't have to repeat myself that often any more. My family and friends can understand me almost perfectly, even over the phone. What about the second wish? Nope, not yet. I'm still relying on Peggy, the good old Peggy. This one, I don't know, maybe this wish is a bit unrealistic. However, I haven't given up hope yet, especially after reading DrSwill's blog Beyond The Glass Door on how far he has come after having total glossectomy about 2 years ago, I think. He is now able to enjoy anything on the table. And he even gobbled some slices of turkey on thanksgiving and a piece of mouthwatering steak on Christmas. Well, what do you know?? Miracles do happen!! Going for haj? Not yet, but I did go for umrah. For me, that's good enough because I really wanted to go to Mecca, the holy land. And lastly, being cancer free. Yes, I got that. I'd been cancer free through out 2009. What more could I ask for? For a cancer survivor, that's the best gift you can ever wish for. Life without cancer really makes life without a tongue sounds heavenly. Hey, your life or your tongue? I'd choose my life anytime.

Many people stricken with cancer claim that having cancer is the best thing that ever happens to them. They say that they are now closer to god, they have found love in the family and among friends and how much they appreciate little things in life. For me, you don't have to have cancer in order to be close to god or appreciate your close friends and family. You don't have to have cancer to make new friends. You can always pause for a few minutes in your busy schedule to reflect on what you are missing in your life or to appreciate how fortunate you are to be granted good health and to thank god for that. Just take a few minutes to ponder on the less fortunate people and how they struggle to survive. You don't have to wait for cancer to knock on your door to do all that because cancer really sucks!! Just be happy and thankful (bersyukur) that you are granted a good life while not forgetting the suffering ones.

I was watching Michael J. Fox the other day on Oprah show. He has been living with Parkinson for 18 years. His head and limbs were shaking almost all the time. Its amazing to see how normal he leads his life. When he played ice hockey, no one could tell that he's having Parkinson. He was asked about how he feels to be stared at by people every time he goes in public. He said that he can't afford to be affected by that and he has come to terms with the fact that it is something that he has to live with and it doesn't bother him anymore. And he is a celebrity!!

For 2010 and beyond, I wish that I'll continue to be cancer free, I'll be able to eat without a struggle, and be able to function as a non teaching teacher and I wish my dearest cyber friends, Pete, Brian and other cancer sufferers to have a very happy and cancer free year and remain so for many more years beyond 2010.

Pete and Brian, thank you very much for the constant flow of inspiring thoughts, emotional support and motivating words coming my way through out the year. Thank you also for sharing your bittersweet cancer journey with me. Hope this will continue for many, many years to come...

Happy New Year to all!

Bye, for now.


"Cancer sucks!!"