Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm ok...

As salam to all,

Many of my readers are wondering what's going on with me because there has been no new posting for quite a while..yes, i do realize that...and i'm sorry. Wish i could provide a good reason for that but honestly i don't have one. Its just plain laziness..!!!

The thing is I'm doing very well. A few weeks ago I had a ct scan done and all is well..nothing peculiar came up. My doc was very happy and she said that I'm one of the lucky few oral cancer patients. Most oral cancer patients like me who were diagnosed around the same time have been long for them..may their souls rest in peace and placed among those who are blessed by Allah.

Last month I attended a video training course organised by Panasonic Malaysia Kid's Witness News along with 2 students. It was fun. My students learnt a lot. Me, I was quiet most of the time. A bit skeptical to open my mouth. Not many participants were aware of my situation. Then, came the last day, where every teacher had to say something about the whole course. When, it was about to be my turn to speak, my student, Asif, offered to speak on my behalf. He said, "teacher, just write down what you want to say and I'll say it for u". Now, being his teacher, how could I let him do it for me. It was my pride, u see. My pride as a teacher. I thought to myself, heck...I've spoken in front of a bunch of doctors before. Why can't I do it now..So, I said, "No, Asif, I'll do it myself..hand me the mic, please. Thank you so much for being concerned".

Then, I took the mic and started speaking. I couldn't care less if they had a hard time understanding me. It was their problem, not mine. I told everyone what happened to me since 2008 and explained why I sound different. They said that they could understand me very well. And after that, some of them came to me and said how sorry they were about what I had gone through. I said that, I'm ok..thank God. I'm still thankful that I'm able to do things just like before despite what had happened.

And last week, I had the pleasure of training our school debate team which I never thought would happen. For a very long time, I had this feeling that such kind of thing is just out of my league...

Bye, for now, with lots of love,