Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Month Of Ramadhan

It is that time of the year again. The first day of Ramadhan. This is the fifth Ramadhan for me since I lost my tongue, alhamdulillah. My first was in 2008. I was still in the ward, with my maid of 6 years. My family, hbby and the kids (Abg, Hakim and Ismail) would come to the ward and break the fast with me about two or three times a week. They brought all kinds of delicacies to the hospital; laksa, cendol, chicken rice, and all. I just watched them from my hospital bed enjoying the food. For me, I had my ensure milk. I never thought before my ordeal that watching your loved ones enjoying their food could be that satisfying. And indeed I love watching them eat. When it was Ramadhan in 2009, I was back at home. Nope, I went for umrah and spent the first two weeks in the holy land. That was when I almost had gastric for going without food for too long. Since then, I’ve been taking great care when it comes to my food intake. In 2010, I started working again. I was back at school as a non-teaching teacher. That was the year when my first son, Abg, started a new chapter in his life, college life. He went to JMTI, Japan Malaysia Technical Institute. That was the first time for him to be away from home. Initially, it was a bit hard for me. However, since the college is just nearby, it was not that bad. He comes home every weekend and now he is home much more often. And now, today, the first day of Ramadhan for 2012, we are in Malacca, sending my second son, Hakim to UniKL Alor Gajah. He is going to study Chemical Engineering. I am writing this from our hotel room. Every body else is napping, and I suddenly visualise what is going to happen tomorrow, when we say goodbye to him. Tears just trickle down my cheeks. I’m not going to see his jovial face again every nite. I won’t be screaming at him again in the morning waking him up. I won’t have him massaging my feet again. I can just imagine how quiet our house is going to be. My son, is going to be on his own now. Abg Ngah, my prayers will always be with you. I can’t be with you now. I know you are capable of doing a lot of things in your life. I believe you will go far in life. Just don’t forget to pray and always remember that Allah always listens to our prayers. with love, Umie



Monday, July 02, 2012

Hey Listen Carefully When I'm Talking To You

I was having trouble with my internet connection a few weeks ago. So, I called up our service provider, the 100 number, that is the number for telekom malaysia to make a report. When the telecom guy answered, I tried my best to speak as clearly as possible to make the complain. Well, my son was around, however, I prefer to do it myself. After telling him what the problem was, he then asked me whether I was in the middle of my meal. Before I could say anything else, he just said, could you finish your lunch first, and call us back? And I said, no, I want to talk to you now!! And I couldn't be bothered to explain my situation......