Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Everytime I come across someone who is physically handicapped, such as a person with amputated leg, or blind, or deaf, I always ask myself; would I want to trade places with them? Am I more fortunate compared to them? At least, they can be still be sociable. When people see a blind person, they know what to expect, that is, this person can't see. Or this person has to depend on clutches or prosthesis to walk around. But, for people like me, who look just like any other normal people, strangers are bound to be surprised when you start talking. And what do they do when they are surprise? Yes, they stare at you. Wondering, what is wrong with this lady...because you sound funny. I was once asked by a stranger whether I had stroke when he heard me talking. The situation is even worse when there are children around you because children cannot hide what they feel. They would just scrutinize you in awe. And what if they see you eating through the PEG for the first time? They would not be able to take their eyes off you, rite? Well, pouring my food down in public is something that I haven't got the guts to do just yet..even now, after 3 years... Cheers!!!