Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pregnant Fireman??

21st Nov 2011 marked my forth year of leading a cancer free life. Being cancer free does not mean being free of the agony of the possibility of facing it all over again. Cancer has and always be at the back of my mind. However, that has not deterred me from enjoying life.

This morning I couldn’t help smiling to myself as a flash of an incident came to my mind as I was brushing my teeth. At the time, I was a bubbly English teacher. One of my students wrote about a pregnant fireman.

This was a part of what he wrote which was towards the end of his story:
The house was engulfed in flames and black smoke was smothering the onlookers. Every one was waiting in suspense. The fireman just rushed inside the burning house after the mother cried and screamed uncontrollably. Her baby was still inside. It happened so fast. The rescuers had to drag her out not realizing that the baby was still there.
Finally, at long last, everyone let out a sigh of relief, phuuuhhhh!!. The fireman came out, pregnant……..
I then called the boy and asked why he said the man was pregnant.
“Pregnant means carrying a baby, right teacher?”

Well, at least I know that I did a good job in the previous lesson on vocabulary, right????

Monday, December 05, 2011


Hi and salam,

I am now in Bali, Indonesia waiting for my sister in-law having her facial. I just had a foot was awesome… cost me just Rp55000 for an hour of massage which came to about RM20. Earlier on, we took a stroll down Kuta Beach. It is no wonder Bali is the place to be if you long for white sandy beach and crystal clear water. Oh…we have lots of beaches in Malaysia, but I would say that Bali is different. While we were there relaxing, there was an announcement, well, an instruction; to be exact directed to the snack and drink vendors on the beach to bring their garbage bags, garbage containers and rakes to the edge of the ocean and collect all the rubbish along the beach. And they willingly did it...which i think is just amazing..

A flash of pantai merdeka came into mind...the laksa and rojak stalls all over the place and rubbish scattered while the sellers just stay put waiting for the majlis people to clear the place...hmmmmmm