Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Oncology Ward-Penang GH II

Salam to all,

Yesterday, marked my 6th nuke. 19 more to go. I have started noticing the tanning of my skin around the neck area. My face is still as cute as before. After coming back from Mt Miriam I started my chemo rightaway.

Since I had that roller coaster ride experience in my first chemo, this time I was not taking any chances. I had a bottle of coconut water with me and a few bottles of oxygenated water. Well, actually I had been drinking those for the whole week. When the cisplatin started going in, I waited in suspense for the wave of nausea to strike. It didn't. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all throughout the whole process which lasted for 7 hours. Syukur alhamdulillah. It was truly a holiday cruise after all. God answered our prayers. I am feeling just fine. My hair is still intact. I am anxiously waiting for the day when it starts falling. Then, I'll become a skin head.

Talked to a lady last night who has breast cancer. She has lost her hair completely. She said that she did not lose her hair until after two weeks. Her just seemed to drop off her head like a wig. After two weeks, her head felt warm and a bit painful. So, she went to the shower and tried to wash her hair. Suddenly, the whole chunk of hair just dropped on the floor. It gave her quite a rude shock. Sadly though, she can't have it operated because there is no lump, just that her breast got swollen by the cancer cells. So, her only option is chemo.

Being in this ward, you have the chance to get to know other cancer patients and survivors. One chinese man I met relayed to me his predicament. He had colon cancer last year. Had it removed. After five months he had a recurrence. This time it attacked his liver. Luckily, it was operable. Now, he is going for chemo. He said that his doctor gave him 6 months to live. He said, well let's see whether the doctor is right. My goodness. Amazingly, he did not look sad at all. He was chatty and laughing all the way. Then, there is another man who is having lung cancer. He is now on palliative care which means that he won't be cured but he is only on chemo to sort of prolong his life. He has a really positive attitude as well. When the doctor asked why he waited so long before getting treatment, he replied in jest that "belum sampai seru" or in other words he had not got his calling yet.

I also notice that about 80 percent of the cancer patients are chinese and most of them have colon cancer. Next in line are malays and most have breast cancer. Indians are the minority here. I can't help wondering why.

Until my next chemo,


"Life is too short, but intend to grow old gracefully"


OBT said...

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ex air merah said...

Glad to know you are now doing better.....

Yes, remain POSITIVE ....

Remember you are NOT the victim!!!!

rtraining said...

Hi. Stumbled upon your blog. You may find my blog interesting.

I wish you all the best. Keep the faith, NEVER give up!

UE said...

K Pah..
Way to go..Keep up the positive spirit of the EIU Panthers

Anonymous said...

Salam Sharifah

Panas mata kak bila membaca, terlalu sukar untuk kak meluahkan kata-kata. Apa pun semuga Sharifah tabah menghadapi dugaan.

Kak Sari

princesslavender3 said...
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princesslavender3 said...

Slm Kak, heard a lots from ur bro. Syed Rofli. Hope tabahkan hatiye kak. My prayers are wif u. Be brave and continue to trust dat God will carry u through.. INSYAALLAH..