Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Salam and hello,

I finally got that PEG tube fitted. It was done under LA (Local Anaesthesia).. The same procedure like before was done but this time the surgeon was aware of my breathing problem. He gave me a mild sedative and then inserted the endoscope down my throat. It was really scary but I did not panic because he kept on talking to me. When he realized that I was short of breath, he quickly numbed me and punctured my stomach wall and and abdomen. Then, he quickly pulled the endoscope out and fitted the tube. Phew!

After the surgery, the nurse pumped in 50 ml of water every 3 hours. That night, I vomited the liquid plus blood twice. Fortunately, I was ok on the next day or else, the doc was going to shove the endoscope down my throat again to have a look inside my stomach.

I am so glad that it was over and now I can take my nutrients through the tube. I am hoping to get my weight back soon.

I’ve been using my PEG for 2 weeks now. Its really great because I’m really putting on weight. I’m only taking plain water orally. I feel a lot more comfortable using this “Peggy”. Now, I don’t have to struggle all the time to gargle to keep my mouth clean. With Peggy stuck to the stomach, I must have my meals regularly because otherwise, I would feel a strong stomach cramp.

Many are wondering why I decided to have Peggy since I don’t really have any problem swallowing liquid food. Well, taking food orally is actually quite torturing because I cannot taste anything. Chicken or fish soups taste bitter to me. Most food is just plain tasteless. So, I thought why torture myself since I can’t enjoy the food anyway. I might as well take the food directly into the stomach and get the full sensation just like taking it orally.

My saliva is still very thick but not as much as before. This thick saliva would stick to the inside of my mouth especially the roof and teeth. When I drink water, the water would not reach the roof of my mouth because my tongue cannot swirl it around the mouth. So, the saliva would dry out and cement itself to the roof. Then, I have to reach the roof using my finger and peel off the layer of saliva. However, its much better than the thick, stringy saliva I had before...

All in all, I feel much stronger and better now. Alhamdulillah.

Bye, for now.

"Life is too short, but intend to grow old gracefully"


mamayati said...

Salam! Dear Sharifah,

Oooh dear, it must be hard going through that procedure...hmm..
I hope everything will be better for you and you get all that you wished for.

May Allah bless you.

Well wishes,

Has said...

Dear Sharifah,

Looking at the positive side, now you can totally omit sugar, salt and other condiments.

Wow, you can just blend all the good things and feed it into the tube. I'cant let celery, beet and potato jus tru the throat.

However I still swallow mixture of pecah beling, daun misai kucing and a little bit of green apple, yes mam, dengan habuk-habuknya.

Sharifah Rashidah bt. Syed Ahmad said...

Dear Has and Yati,

Ya, I feel better now with the Peg. I manage to take in the horrible tasting concoction of raw vegetables and fruits 5 cups daily, which was next to impossible before. And I am also putting on weight. Alhamdulillah.



life is ... said...


Kak, saya dapat tau yg basil elok untuk cancer. Akak nak tak benih basil?...

Saya nak balik malaysia... nanti saya poskan kat akak...

Kasi alamat akak kat saya.. ni email saya

X-air merah said...

Good to know u are putting on weight. Trying to fix a date with the jandas to visit but do not know when-lah. All nampaknya busy..