Saturday, March 14, 2009

Down the Memory Lane

Recently, I was just browsing some pictures and came across this one. This is a picure of me and my students when we became the national champion in the Youth Research in ICT competition jointly organised by the Sunway College Kuala Lumpur and the Ministry of Education in Sept 2006. The students are Hadi Imran, Lydia and Marcella. They worked very, very hard for the competition and we managed to really impressed the judges. Now, they are pursuing a higher education and I wish them a great succcess.

Looking at the picture, who would have thought that I would be afflicted with oral cancer about a year after that? I was really beaming with pride and hope....
And this is me when I was busy at work without a slightest thought that I would be tested with cancer.
Well, those are now history and the chapter on that part of me is closed. Now, moving on to a new chapter.....

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Jentayu said...

I'll pray for your good health. I know you are strong.