Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm alright!

Hello everyone,

This morning I went for my follow up appointment. Glad to tell you that things are looking great. The last time I went, the doctor did a biopsy because I had a slight bleeding from my flap. The results came back negative. Yay! Since I had my peggy, my weight has increased by 3 kg. I now weigh 44 kg. My next appointment is May 11th. My doctor said that they want to monitor my condition closely because the cancer that I had is really aggressive. So, should it decide to come back, hopefully they’ll be able to catch it early enough. Well, I’m all for it.

On the 6th of April, I went for a follow up appointment with my oncologist. I was given a clean bill of health. While waiting for my turn, I noticed an year old girl with her mum. I heard her mum telling a lady that her daughter has brain cancer and she had gone through the radiotherapy and chemotherapy. What amazed me was that this girl did not look sick at all. She was happily chattering away…My heart really went to the mother. She must be going through hell. I think being a caregiver to child with cancer is even worse than being a patient. I don’t think I could handle myself if one of my children has to suffer from this dreadful disease.

Bye, for now

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Mak Teh said...

Alhamdulillah! I feel very happy for you. May you be able to enjoy life fully and be happy each day.