Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Cancer Warrior Is Gone


I just got news that a fellow cancer survivor, Robert Pemberton or Bob left this planet on 28th October after fighting a hard and long battle with tongue cancer. He was one of the followers of this blog. He sent his comments several times with his encouraging and kind words. His blog which is maintained by his wife Joyce is linked to mine. No words could express my feelings upon receiving the news. He was such a strong and caring man who accepted his fate bravely and calmly. This was expressed by Joyce so eloquently in their blog. And I’m sure his passing has hit her hard...but, I’m also sure that being a strong woman herself and with the support and love she’s getting from the people around her, and with the faith she’s holding on to, she’ll be okay.

I've learnt a lot from this great guy through his experience and how he emotionally handled this vicious enemy within his body. He was a man of faith. Yes, I totally agree with him. You have to have faith. I can’t imagine myself battling this disease without having any faith in God. I mean, who can you cling on? Having this disease means you are fighting your own battle. Not even your loved ones can do anything to curtail it. If it decides to invade your body, it will. You can cry all you want. You can run amok all you want. You can curse all you want. It won’t make any difference where cancer cells are concerned because cancer has a mind of its own.

The only thing we, cancer victims can do are to cling on to the love from our family and friends and of course, FAITH. Having faith in the Almighty helps me face this ordeal and reading Bob’s blog really helps me cope with my own emotion in accepting what has been planned and what are in store for me.

Anyway, I feel truly blessed that I’ve got the chance to get to know this great man.

Goodbye, comrade! Rest in peace.


Daria said...

Rest in peace Bob ...

Mimi said...


Thank you for this remembrance. After reading this, I posted to the Mouth Cancer Board to inform the membership that Bob had passed away. I posted a link to your blog because you so eloquently wrote about him. I also found an obit which I posted if you care to read it. There's a pic of Bob that is just heart breaking. What a vibrant person he was!

Thanks. I care about you.


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