Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being Handicapped

Hello everybody,

I know that I haven't been blogging for quite sometime. I'm still around and kicking. Just that things have been quite busy nowadays and not to mention plain laziness! Let's not forget that...

Something happened yesterday that triggered me to blog again. I heard in the news that unemployment level among the handicaps in Malaysia is quite high. Many of them are not self supportive and have to rely on others for their basic needs. These people have been trained to do a lot of things like handicrafts, cooking, sewing, typing and a lot of other skills, but still, remained unemployed.

One of the reasons discussed was that most of them are suffering from serious inferiority complex. They are just afraid to go out there to face the world. They don't have the confidence to face people with their crutches, wheelchairs or glass eyes. They can't stand the looks that they get from normal people. And its not uncommon for children to just point at them.

I, for one, can surely relate to them. I can just feel what they are feeling. Being handicapped you can tell yourself a thousand times that you can do what others can do. You are just like the rest. You are not alone in this world. There are many others who fare a lot worse than you. But, the fact remains....YOU ARE HANDICAPPED!! And just being handicapped, you tend to lose out and have to compromise a lot of things.

If you can rise above all that, and face the world with your head held high, I believe that you can survive anything under the sky...and hats off to you!


RonsWife said...

Hi Sharifah,
I was glad to see you posting again. I think of you often, through the miles that separate us. But we are joined by this fight against OC. I hope you are doing well, you are an inspiration.
All my best,
Lori Leonard

mamayati said...

hi sharifah, it's been a long time since you last posted..kinda miss reading from you..

Anonymous said...

you should post more I would love to come back, nice to meet you.