Friday, November 25, 2011


He goes out every nite and he meets the beautiful, young girl everytime..This has been going on for a long while. Her friends have been advising her to end the marriage because there's really no point in going on with it. Whenever confronted, he never gives her a straight answer.. denying, denying, denying...but she knows whats going on. Therefore, discussion is out. There's no end to it. She has lost her faith in him and has also lost her faith in the marriage. What kind of marriage life is this when he has his heart with the other woman? How can she perform her wifely duties sincerely with the blessings from Allah when her heart is full of hatred for him?

This other woman actually has a strong hold on him. Just by batting an eyelid, he would go crawling to her and be at her service. Its like 'your wish is my command!"

What should she do? Allow him to marry her and share him with the other woman? No way! Not that she's against polygamy...polygamy is ok as long as she's not the wife because she has a good, valid reason for it. Her health. If she contracts HIV from her husband who might have got it from this other woman, who's going to be responsible? Nope, she's not going to allow that to happen to her...husband sharing is just out of question.

Her health comes first!!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


This morning, as I was pouring my breakfast down my tube, I saw a documentary on Habbatus Sauda on TV. It was said that this special herb contains a huge amount of anti-oxidants, amino acids and those other stuff needed by our body to build up our immune system and provide the necessary nourishment.

Studies on the egyptian mummies also found that this herb was used on the corpses to preserve it.

Habbatus Sauda is also mentioned in the Al-Quran to be the cure for all diseases. It has been found that the use of oil can cure alzheimer, cancers, heart problems and even HIV and other immune related diseases.

When I was in Mecca in 2009 performing the Umrah, I also bought a kg of habbatus sauda which only cost me about RM20. I was told that the maximum amount of the herb is 7 bits per day and thats what I have been doing since then. If you take more than 7 bits, your body will get heated up..

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


He came back smiling sweetly and hugged her as though everything was as usual. As if his love for her never fades. As if she was the center of his being. How could it be possible when she knew that he was out last night to meet the girl. She also knew what they would do whenever they met. She always had this image of intimacy between him, her husband and her, the girl.

With that kind of image assaulting her mind, does he still expect her to perform her wifely duty sincerely whenever he had the urge?? Common man, she had feelings too, and she should not be treated as your sex object. You pounce on her like a hungry tiger and the next minute you are off to that girl without feeling a tiny bit of guilt. And the worst part is, SHE KNOWS!!!!