Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My First Day

It was in February 1978. My father drove me to SMS Tuanku Syed Putra, Kangar, Perlis. I was sad to leave my family for the very first time, worried, for not knowing what to expect staying in a boarding school, yet, excited to start a brand new life there. When we reached the school, my father and I walked into the school office and were greeted and warmly welcomed by the Penolong Kanan, Mr Othman Mat, who happened to be my dad's old friend. He briefed us on the school and then, he called one of the female prefects to help me settle. After a few minutes, a prefect who introduced herself as Jasimah appeared at the office. She greeted us smilingly and invited me to come with her. On the way to the hostel she told me that she was in Form 5. And I was in Form 4. I was taken to a dorm on second floor and unpacked my things and arranged them in the locker beside my bed. After getting myself settled sis Jasimah took to back to the office and then she left for her class. That was when I bid my father goodbye with tears rolling down my cheeks after kissing his hand. I stood there, trembling as I watched his car slowly moving away away towards the main gate... I was then taken to 4 Sc 1 by a very beautiful Pn Khatijah, the class teacher, who was also teaching Geography. She then introduced me to my new classmates. I still remember how I was welcomed by those friendly faces Jane, Jana, Khairul, Chempawan, Jas, Fauziah...who later became my close friends. Then I was taken to the text book store by our class monitor, Shukri. He helped me carry my textbooks back to class, much to the excitement of the whole class because it seemed that we looked perfect together as both of us walked into the class with my books. I was short and so was he....I heard that he is now well rounded...hahahah.... Thats what i was told later on by the girls. Well I suppose being in a boarding school, we tend to get excited over things, no matter how trivial it is....

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