Friday, January 16, 2009



Last week, I went for my routine check up after finishing radio and chemotherapy. The docs said that they were so happy to see me still in one piece. They said that I looked really well for somebody who had just undergone both treatments. I told them that I had cisplatin for chemo. They were even more surprised because cisplatin is the strongest chemo drug. It is platinum based and very toxic. I remember that the nurse who administered the drug made sure that she used rubber gloves. Well, its all god's will and our prayers were answered. Syukur, alhamdulillah!

I feel better and better everyday. I have been driving around picking up my children from school, shopping and running errands. The only thing that bugs me now is occassional spasms around my cheeks which cause the inside of both cheeks to slam against my molars. This causes ulcers and inflammation. When the doc noticed the ulcers they did a biopsy to rule out cancer..urgh!! I was not scared because I was quite sure it was caused by my molars. Sure enough, the result came out negative. Yae! However, the spasms are quite a mystery. Dr. Regu, the plastic surgeon suspects that the radiotherapy might cause some nerve damage and hopefully its only temporary.

I also asked the doc on the probability of recurrence. He said that if there is a recurrence, it would be within a year after the treatments. So, they will monitor very closely. Anyway, he advised me not to think about it too much into the future, just enjoy life day by day. Anything can happen to anyone, not only to people who have befriended cancer. People die every minute from a lot of things ( I am thinking of the Palestinians right now). So, honestly speaking having cancer is really not that bad! I mean you can still get on with your life unassisted. To me, that is already a blessing.

Now, let's all pray for our Gazan brothers and sisters extend our help in anyway we can. I am sure the amount of suffering there makes the agony of cancer sufferers trivial.

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"Life is full of uncertainties"

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Atiq Zain said...

Dear Pn Sh. fisrtly, congratulation. you're great and strong person. Thats how a Muslim (especially) should be. What ever happen to us we reflect to Allah. when we get reward, we thanks Him, we we get Musibah, it means, He love us by reminding us.

Although im not a cancer pt (only he knows what will be in the future), im think i can imagine what you've gone through. Actually I just finish my Oncology posting last ramadhan in HUSM.
Feel great to see a 'strong' physically and mentally cancer survivor.

Cancer is not end of life. as we always hear, kematian itu sentiasa mengintai kita.

therefore, EVERYONE must remember death (as muhasabah), not only those with chronic disease or end of life. As the prophet said; the brilliant person is those who remember death. think of death for +ve outcome. Bekerjalah seolah2 kamu akan hidup selamanya dan beribadahlah seolah2 kamu akan mati pada keesokan hari.

May Allah bless you and your family.

Atiqah Ahmad Zain
UIA Kuantan,
final year nursing student