Friday, January 23, 2009

PEG Fitting

Salam from Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah,

When I came for follow-up, the doctor was very happy because my weight had not gone down. I've been maintaining my weight at 41 kg. However, she suggested getting a PEG tube fitted. PEG is actually an abbreviation of something which I managed to glance at the doc's note but could not really make out what it is. Anyway, the tube is fitted to the stomach and food can be pumped straight into the stomach. This way, I can get more nutrients without the hassle of cleaning my mouth and fighting with my thick saliva along the way everytime after a meal. Mind you, my mouth must be kept spic and span at all times because I don't have the necessary enzymes present in normal saliva to prevent tooth decay.

So, last Wednesday, I got myself admitted again and the PEG fitting procedure was scheduled for Thursday morning. A doctor came to brief me that night. She said that I would be sedated and would have to listen and follow their instructions closely. They would insert a camera attached at the end of a flexible thin rod down my throat and into the stomach. There is also some kind of knife attached next to the camera which is operable by a switch at the other end of the rod. On my part, I would have to swallow the camera and the knife according to their instruction. The doc would monitor everything through a computer. When the camera gets inside the stomach, he would press the button and the knife will jerk out and punch a hole from inside and through the abdomen. Then, the PEG would be fitted. Ya Allah! What have I got myself into. So, I spent half the night worrying about the procedure because all this while I have not been able to swallow even a tablet.! But then, I forced my mind to think of the benefits of having the PEG as described by many oral cancer survivors in the Oral Cancer Foundation and the Mouth Cancer Forum. I will do whatever necessary. When the morning came, I really calmed down and was ready to face another battle.

The battle started at 11 am. Again I was pushed to the all familiar operation theatre. A nurse came and injected something and right after that I was groggy and was unaware of whatever was going on. Suddenly, I realised that I could not breathe. And there was a commotion. Then, everything stopped and I was told that I actually stopped breathing and they could not continue with it. Then, they did a scope to make sure my air passage is ok and it was. I had to go for a chest x-ray and things look good. So, now the docs are quite puzzled what actually happened.

This morning the doc came and said that they can still do it under general anaesthesia. Ok, I might opt for that but it has to be after Chinese New year.

Wishing all my chinese readers a Happy Chinese New Year and the rest a happy holiday.

Bye, for now.

"Life is unpredictable, just make the best of what you have"


Has said...

Dear Sharifah,

I am here. What about using the big staw, macam yang dia orang beri untuk sedut biji selasih air batu campur untuk telan your blended food.

Tapi bila ada tube ke perut tu best juga, boleh la you telan vegetable juice yang tekak dah tak lalu nak telan kan?

Hope it is done successfully.

mamayati said...

Sharifah dear,
Where are you going to have it done, after Chinese new Year?Penang ke Alor Setar?
I hope things will get better for you after this..

Good luck, dear sis!

Sharifah Rashidah bt. Syed Ahmad said...

Dear sis Yati,

I am going to have it done in Alor Star.

Thank you.

Chee said...

K.Pah dear,
Semoga Allah mempermudahkan segala urusan.