Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cooking Challenge

Salam and hello again,

Nowadays, for some reason I just love to cook for my family. When I see them gobbling my cooking, it gives me a weird sense of satisfaction. And the thing is I can’t even taste my own cooking and therefore I have no idea how good or horrible it tastes like. Whenever I ask my kids for feedback, they always say that it’s delicious. Maybe they think that saying otherwise would just end my cooking activities. So, I guess the only way to evaluate my cooking is to see whether they finish their food and how much they eat.

My darling youngest son, is forever, taking great care not to offend me. He would always say that whatever I cook is delicious. But, quite often I notice some leftovers on his plate. So, I know where I stand in the cooking department…haha

The best way to make sure there would be no food wastage is to cook and serve when they are really famished. Hungry people are not choosy!

Well, that’s for my family. What about me? My food mainly consists of ensure milk blended with a slice of wholemeal bread. Other than that, rice porridge mixed with celery, cauliflower, or broccoli and some fish. Sometimes I would also add carrot or potato. All these are taken through Peggy. I am trying to take some orally as well. So far, with little success.

Will keep trying. I’ve been partly motivated by a fellow tongue cancer survivor Brian.

Bye, for now

“Never stop fighting”


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. We have something else in common. I'm not sure why but I too have become very interested in cooking for my wife and friends. I will watch a food/cooking show and want to make whatever they did and then watch my wife and daughter eat it. I can also blend it up or puree it and eat it like soup. But I can't take the spices I used to enjoy so my portion is pretty bland my "normal" standards. I make some concoctions that nobody will eat but me.....potato, bacon, chicken with garlic, onion and chicken broth...blend it up and I think I'm in heaven....can't get anyone else to try has so much FAT in it!!! hehe.

I still have my peg, but haven't used it in a month...hoping to be done with it if I can make my case strong enough. But it's good to know it's there for emergencies if needed. But only soup for me and nothing too thick or chunky.

How do you hanld water orally? or milk?

Wishing you well.

Bob Pemberton
Tampa, Fl

Sharifah Rashidah bt. Syed Ahmad said...

Hi Bob,

Yea, its really funny because cooking was not my favourite pastime pre cancer. But now, I just like to watch them eat. I guess for now, you have the permission to eat anything with lots of fat..haha

Good to know that you haven't used your peg for a month. Me, not yet. I take water orally. I blend milk with a piece of bread and take it thru my peg.

Can you taste your food?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharifah,

I can taste food strangely enough as the taste buds must be located in more than just the tongue. I imagine some of the "taste" is attributed to "smell" as well. I used to really enjoy coffee, but now everything tastes burnt with the coffee I haven't had coffee since Aug '08.

If you can endure water and bread you may be able to make some soups. I can not take in the bread as it STICKS to everything and doesn't go down for me. Whatever soup i'm having, I must always have a glass of tea, water, or something to wash-push it down with. I don't transfer from front to back very a little rinse and a toss of the head and back she goes!!!
I've found chicken broth to be a good base for many different soups. I've also incorporated chicken bouillon cubes with water to also be a good base.

Currently I have about four or five soups that I enjoy making (and eating)....I've had serveral failures that sounded good, but had no taste or poor taste. But most of them start with a chicken base.

We may have different diets so I won't pretend to know what you may like / permit or tolerate.

ONe note I found that sometimes water is harder to swallow that a thicker substance. The water goes everywhere without restriction (windpipe), but thicker substances tend to not be as difficult to least for me. (we all have our own story).

Wishing you well,

Bob Pemberton
Tampa, Fl