Friday, November 01, 2013

She's So Young

I got to know her from my brother a few months ago. She's from Seremban. She was scared and crying her heart out wondering what was happening to her, wondering why she, of all people is destined to endure this agony. She smsed me asking me she should do..telling how scared she was because she had lost her tongue mobility, making it impossible for her to eat her favourite food and speaking normally was out of question.

After exchanging text messages for the first time, she kept me updated on her development. She told me that the doctor planned to perform an operation on her after the Aidhil Fitri, to remove the cancerous part of her tongue which would entail half of it, which was on August 16. I was glad for her because she would still have half of her tongue which, to me was fantastic. So, I waited anxiously as the date drew near. However, about a week before the said date, she got a call from her doctor telling her to come over because there was something important to discuss. Then, she said that the doctor suggested doing chemotherapy first in the hope that the tumour would shrink and hopefully she would not have to go through the operation. She was very glad with the doctor's recommendation, but I was worried. I wanted to say something about it but then, asked myself..who I am to go against the doc's decision.

She suffered like hell during the chemo sessions, and I kept on telling her to be patient, pray a lot, and always look forward to getting better.. after a few sessions, the doc said that the tumour has slightly shrunk and she could move her tongue a bit..I was elated that the chemo worked..

However, all that ended abruptly in early October when the MRI showed that the tumour got bigger and the whole tongue would have to be removed. The operation date was set to be on Oct Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang.

Will continue in the next entry...

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Devon Jim said...

hi,i am a high school student and i'm doing a research paper on oral cancer. we are suppose to find a live blog that is updated frequently so that we can interact with the person. i was maybe wondering if you know how much the research for oral cancer has changed in the span of 10 years?

Battling Oral Cancer said...

Great post! Been dealing with this a lot lately. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

Chicago Dentist said...

So sorry to hear about your ordeal. Thanks for the post and hopefully things have improved since you wrote this.