Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hello, all!
In my excitement to start my blog I completely forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sharifah Rashidah. 46 years young. Married with 3 school going children, all boys. Working as a teacher, that is before cancer knocked on my door. Now, it depends on how much I can speak. I am teaching in a secondary school, SMK Air Merah in Kedah. Been teaching there since 2003. I love travelling, reading, and listening to oldies. Good thing that eating is not my favourite pastime! Lost so much weight in the past few months. So, I need to try my best to gain some.


Chee said...

Salam dear K.Pah,
I just found out fr Hizzad's SMS while driving back today.
I'm so sorry to hear the ordeal that you're going through. I admire the courage that you have in sharing your experience in this blog.
May Allah give you and your family the strength and peace to face the challenge.
My doa for your speedy recovery.
Take care,

lau said...

Hi there,

Nice to see your blog going online. Kicking about now ....? It's great! Press on to greater heights and reach to the skies ... you can go it!

Lau CB

lau said...



oops - not -- you can go it

should be -- you can do it!

HighFlyer said...

Salam to Chee,
Thanks for your words of encouragement. I am doing well now.
Started this blog to share my experience becos not everyone is blessed with this kind of challenge in life.
Thanx again!