Sunday, June 01, 2008

It started as a normal ulcer under my tongue in October last year (2007). there was a molar which did not sit on the lower jaw properly. That molar kept on rubbing against the wound. So, I applied some ointment on the wound. It didn't go away after a few days, so, more ointment. I finally noticed that the wound got bigger and bigger. Finally, a lump started to take shape on the tongue. That was when I lost my ability to speak accurately. On top of that I could not eat solid food. I had to settle on soft food only. In Feb 2008, I decided to have that tooth extracted. Still, the ulcer just refused to budge. Then, my husband started noticing that something is seriously wrong with me. We decided that I should go to an oral surgeon, and i did. I went to an oral surgeon in the Sungai Petani Hospital. Dr. Sumairi, the doctor who attended to me decided to do a biopsy. That was on mar 12. On mar 19, we went back to the doctor to discuss the result of the biopsy. It was positive, malignant cancer!! I was too numbed to feel anything at all. Dr. Sumairi arranged for a ct scan to be done to see how far the cancer cells had spread. Then, an appointment with an ent specialist was set. On Mar 26, we went to see Dr. Hisham the ent specialist. After examining me, he said that possibly the whole tongue will have to be removed and the whole procedure would involve a team of plastic surgeons as well. In between appointments I had also been to some people who are practising alternative medicines which have proven quite useless because in the end on April 16 I lost all my speaking ability, which has been my bread and butter working as a teacher.


Anonymous said...

Assamualaikum Kak Pah

Heard about your blog from Hizzad's sms. Great to see you are in high spirit. I look forward to hear you are up and about because I know what a fighter you are!

Looking forward to reading more on your blog.

Tip and Suhaimi

Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum wrbt

Kak Pah Dearest

Seems like yesterday we were chatting away till the wee hour at your hotel room in KL while you were here. Treasure every moment that I spent with you and may we have more of those moments in the future. Moah3

Love, Chenah

HighFlyer said...

Assalamualaikum chenah,
Hei, nice to hear from you again. Thanks for responding to my blog. I would love to have more of those moments as you put it. However, this time you will have to listen more attentively for I will sound cuter than before.

Lots of love,
"Life is too short"

Anonymous said...

Waalaikumsalam wrbt

p/s...that must be your son standing next to mom....looks so much like you. Hmmm...ada mole too? Cute....both very cute.

Mooooah, chenah
"Life is too short and so am I" ;)

HighFlyer said...

Assalamualaikum Chenah,

I've lost your number. Please email your number to me.


"Life is too short"