Sunday, July 20, 2008

Living with cancer


Once you are diagnosed with cancer, you often have moodswings. This is due to the uncertainties in life. There are certain days when you feel cheerful thinking that you have managed to beat cancer, and there are others when you are really down feeling that you are fighting a losing battle. Today is one of those DOWN days!

You see, in my last follow up with my consultant, he got worried about the swelling on my gum. So, he insisted on doing a biopsy, followed by a ct scan. The results are due next week. Can you imagine how worried I am, not to mention my family about a possibility of a recurrence? There are now a lot of "what ifs" about my situation. I hope I will be strong enough to face any possibility.

Another reason for me to feel down today is the passing of a lady who had fought a battle against breast cancer in our residential area. She had gone through everything in her fight like mastectomy and chemo theraphy. After sometime, she was faced with a bone problem where her bone became brittle and she suffered from broken bones twice. She had become bedridden for quite a while. Finally, she succumbed to the disease this morning at 3.00 am with her loved ones around.

So, that is why I feel very sad and down today. Will I be able to fight this horrible disease?
But then, come to think of it, there is nothing for certain in life, right?

Bye for now. Wassalam.


"Life is too short"

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Anonymous said...

Me too. but be strong. God bless u