Saturday, July 26, 2008

To be or not to be, that's the question!

Many people say that when you get cancer, its not the end of the world. Many people survive. However, many don't. I find that this issue is really confusing. We still don't know for sure why some people get cancer even though they practice healthy living, while there are some who smoke away cigarettes and enjoy a long life, disease free. It is also still mind-boggling that some cancer sufferers survive and some don't. Take breast cancer, for instance, I know of a friend who had stage 3 breast cancer and she had a mastectomy. She is now a 3 year survivor. Another lady I know, had stage 2 breast cancer and a mastectomy as well. She passed away a year after diagnosis.

There have been 5 people in my residential area diagnosed with cancer including me. Out of the five, I'm the only one with oral cancer. In a way, having oral cancer is quite glamorous because many people are not aware that such cancer exist and they are very curious about it. They cant imagine how I eat without the tongue. The rest have breast cancer. One lady with breast cancer passed away last week. The other two passed away last year. So now, there are two of us left. This lady who is still around decided not to undergo conventional treatments. She opted for alternative healing (traditional). This is the dilemma that we are always in. Conventional treatment or alternative?

As for me, I go for both. I believe that both have the plus and minus points. Even if you decide to go for the alternative treatment you also have to fall back to the conventional opinions and suggestions because tonnes of scientific researches have been conducted and most of the treatments are based on these scientific findings.

Its true that the conventional treatments such as the operation, radio and chemo theraphies have debilitating effects on the patients but being stuck with cancer, you dont have much choice.

Waiting in suspense for my biopsy and ct scan results. Please pray that I will be strong enough to accept or face any possibility.



"Life is too short"

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