Saturday, August 02, 2008

Friendship Never Dies

Hello everyone,

In January 1980 I, with a big group of Malaysian students flew to the US to pursue our tertiary education. We were stationed in Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois for one semester where we had to undergo an intensive English course. This is to enable us to follow lectures in english and to assimilate and adapt to the lifestyle in the US. After finishing the English course, we were sent to various universities depending on the disciplines that we undertook. I was sent to Eastern Illinois University along with nine others. They were Chee, Chenah, Jamaliah, Tip, Hizzad, Mongkok, Jakju, Harun and Dawam. After two semesters came another batch of Malaysian students; Kitty, Ram, Zarina, Kak Ti, Tamam, Kassim, Hatta and Wak Im. Oh, we had a lot of fun and a fair share of problems as well. Since there were so few of us, we were like a close knit family.

Today, Chee, Hizzad and Harun came to visit me. I was caught by surprise. I was really touched. Had never occurred to me that they would take the trouble to fly all the way from KL and back just to visit me. They took me out for lunch and we talked about a lot of things, our family, career, our student days and so on. But nobody touched about me having cancer. We just had fun. I am glad that I managed to make them understand me eventhough I know that I must have sounded weird. I appreciate their visit very much.

Hizzad, I have started reading the book. It is very inspiring. It helps me look at things from a different angle and perspective.

Thank you very much, friends.


"Life is too short"


Chee said...

It was our pleasure to see you. That's one of the blessings in disguise -- merapatkan silaturrahim.

You take care. Our doa's will be with you.

p/s You missed Pak Gonn and that kakak yang putih kecik2 tu (housemate K.Ti).

HighFlyer said...

Oh ya, my apology. That is K.Adib and of course Pak Gonn. How could I forget that. Its so difficult to remember things these days, you know what I mean.

I've just noticed your comment today. I'm feeling much better now. Kirim salam kat Harun.

So glad for your visit the other day.

Kisses and Lots of Love,


Anonymous said...

Kak Pah

Share with us lah the title of the book from Hizzad. Chee, Harun, Hizzad....awat tak habaq nak pi visit....when was this?


HighFlyer said...


The title is "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. Its abt self motivation and mustering your own will power.

The visit was a big and pleasant surprise! They simply appeared at my doorstep.

Hugs and kisses,


Anonymous said...

Oh the secret....thanks. Another good motivational book I'd recommend La Tahzan by 'Aidh Bin Abdullah Al-Qarni. Moooah3