Monday, August 18, 2008

Second Operation-August 13th

Dearest sisters and brothers:

I haven’t updated this blog because of two reasons: firstly, problems with my internet connection and secondly, my second operation which I had on August 13th. It was a 9 hour operation.

In the first operation, I had a total glossectomy ( removal of the whole tongue) which affecting my speaking and eating ability. This time, it’s a partial mandibulectomy (removal of part of the lower jaw) which doesn’t deteriorate my speaking and eating ability further. Thank god.

I was admitted on Sunday Aug 10th. When I first walked into the ward, the nurses were like, "hey, you are back". And I said, "ya, I missed you all so much". They laughed at my remark. So, on that day, they did an ecg and blood test. On the next day, my consultant came to inform that everything looks ok and they would proceed with the operation on the 13th.

Friends and families started visiting when they heard the news. Smses came in non-stop until the big day. They really cheered me up and kept on reminding me to focus my mind on being cancer free and a survivor. I was a bit disappointed though for not being able to get on line to send news to friends from other parts of the globe (those people from the mouth cancer foundation) who have been very supportive in this battle) and update this blog.

I was pushed into the operation theatre at about 11.30 am. My family members were all here. Then, a nurse came to give me a pill. She said that this is to calm me down. My brother Rofli, asked the nurse for the pill too. Everyone laughed. True enough the pill really worked. As soon as I got into the ot, I was knocked out, already in the dreamland.

My husband said that I came out of the ot at about 9.00 pm and the doctor informed him that everything went well. On the next day, I was transferred to level 6 for close observation, just as I expected. I still felt ok. Came the third day, I started feeling horrible because of the phlegm, coughing and continuous drooling. They have to constantly suck the phlegm out. Its feels terrible. They have taken out some of the tubes. I feel much better now, eventhough I'm still coughing and drooling because now I have my laptop with me and can get on-line.

The doctors just came and said that I am doing well and should recover soon. Well, let's see what they have to say tomorrow.

Until then, bye!

"Life is too short"


Vinod said...

Hi Sharifah
Thanks for letting us know you are recovering. Do rest and don't tire yourself. Best wishes from RDOC

HighFlyer said...

Hi Dr Joshi,

Thanks for the advice.